Whether your socks slide down, roll down or somehow magically materialise below where you want them to be (and where you put them this morning, dangit!), it’s frustrating business.  But garters aren’t always an option, so when you want your socks to stay put, it might be time to turn to sock glue, like It Stays! (and it does!).

Two words of note before we get into the how-to:

I very much do not recommend sock glue if you don’t shave your legs, based on personal experience.  It can pull at hair and be ouchy.

Zaf, over at our Tumblr, has these very sage words of advice:

“A thing to remember with the Extraordinaries—and, indeed, any long sock—is not to try to pull it up too much. If you try to stretch it higher than the fabric wants to go, it will want to move back to a comfortable, not stretched-out position and pull too much on the glue. This is a big reason why long socks slip; just because you can stretch a sock up to the top of your thigh, it doesn’t mean it will stay there.”

Now, after the jump Rosalind and I will show you how sock glue can help keep your socks from sagging like this.

First, get your wonderful It Stays! sock glue.

Now, pull your socks (in this case, the O Woolies in Grey) up to where they’re supposed to be.  Keep Zaf’s advice in mind and don’t pull up too far or hard.  Then fold down the top a bit, like you were going to cuff them.  This gets the socks out of the way for the next step.

Now, apply that glue! Zaf likes a large patch on either side of the knee.  Rosalind likes to circle around a couple of times—in the picture on the right, below, you can see the shine of the glue from the first pass around.

Pull the socks back up and gently press into place, securing the socks against the glue.

And ta-dah! Socks that stay up without garters.

Now, I know that folks have found more uses for sock glue than just socks and all have their own ways of applying the glue—so how do you get sock glue to work for you?