Like when we transition into spring, it’s time for socks that can do the double duty of cold mornings and warm afternoons, like the styles we have in our Autumn collection.  The days are just going to get colder, so socks that can keep up the pace with the weather, like lightweight wool styles, are the key in autumn.

Kabella Wool Cable Trouser Socks
Greyson Merino Microplane Midcalf
Lucille Wool Crochet Trouser Socks

It’s also getting to be time for tights and leggings, to add that extra layer of warm when you need it.  Maybe it isn't quite cold enough for cotton-lined wool, but lighter weight, open-knit cotton tights like the Codori Crochet Tights will help you keep rocking shorts and skirts as the leaves start to fall.  They're available in two new colours too, Graphite and Espresso! We don't have images for them yet, but they're the same as the same colours in the Doris Crochet Trouser Socks.

A couple more transitional options and my favourite OTK trick for when the weather warms up after the jump!

Cozy OTKs that cuff well in wool or cotton are also the perfect thing.  I wear a pair of over the knee socks pulled up when I walk to work and end up cuffing them to knee high by the end of the work day.

O Woolies
Pebble Ribbed Over the Knees
NZ Sock Lady Merino Thigh Highs

Now, I've got short legs so to get OTKs to cuff properly on me I have to double-cuff them, unless I want to slouch my socks—which I love, but doesn't work for all styles.  It's a super easy trick that makes all the difference. (Ooh, these socks are in our new item queue and I LOVE them, so keep an eye on What's New this month for sure!)

It’s also time for leg warmers and arm warmers! We’re already seeing people start to stock up—they’re great because you can layer them when it’s cold and take them off and pop ‘em in a pocket or purse if it warms up.

Foot Traffic Ribbed Knit Leg Warmers
Orkney Angora Wrist Warmers
Super Warmers Long

So how do you transition into fall?  Is there a sock or style that you have to stock up on once the leaves start turning?