I’ve written before about sock dreams coming true when a style we wish for happens or when a favourite sock comes back to us—but this may just be the dreamiest dream to come true yet!

Of course, I’ve got to tease a little.

It’s been five years since these DreaM Stockings debuted,

and a little over three since they were available in an OTK and a thigh high.

But it’s been almost two years since we’ve had them in stock.  The yarn for these socks was discontinued and we’ve been on a hunt for a replacement ever since.

But a secret stash of the yarn has been found—enough to make a limited run of both OTK and thigh highs.  We won’t have them forever and we’re still looking for a long-term supply of this yarn, but for a short time, this sock dream has come true.

Have you guessed what they are? Join us after the jump for the answer!

Yes! The Super Dreamy and O Dreamy socks are back! They’re only available in Hibiscus and Autumn, but the slubby, soft, beautiful marled socks are back for a limited time.

So if you loved the Super Dreamy socks, now is the time to get a pair!

And if the O Dreamy Stockings were something you always wanted but never got a pair of, grab some while you can!

Did you get a pair of these dreamy socks the first time around?