Last year I blogged some socks that work well for school uniforms.  To make it easier to find plain socks that one can match to uniform colours, we now have a Solid Collection.  It’s “just the socks, ma’am,” no patterns or stripes, just flat knit, cables and other single-colour socks.  We’ve got some new styles to go with the basics too!

Basic Bright Tabi Socks
Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs
EG Smith Lightweight Boot Socks

Of course, not everybody is still in school or have family who is.  And there's a lot more about going back to school than uniforms!  We've got some fun school-themed socks after the jump.

What if you just want to get into the back-to-school mood?  I bet the Extra-Long School Girl Socks by Tabbisocks or the School Days Crew might do the trick.

I know that even though I’m well out of school, I still love looking at all the displays of school supplies. I mean, who doesn’t need a fresh new pencil or a notebook, just waiting to be written in?

Pencil Midcalf
Notebook Midcalf

One thing I miss is that even though I never really got back-to-school clothes as a kid, that time of year meant new shoes!  Which, these aren’t shoes, but they do a really good job of it for socks. ;)

Ragdoll Slipper Sock
• Faux Shoe No-Show 3 Pack •
Faux High Top Midcalf

So are you back in school or do you have family that’s started classes again?  What’s your back-to-school sock?