School may be starting soon and although that means autumn is coming, it’s still warm enough to be rocking sandals (though I will admit, here in Portland we’ve barely hit 80°F enough to count). We may be biased when we suggest wearing socks with sandals, but they do help alleviate sweaty feet and chafing. And there are some good options that hide away in your shoe, if you’re not into the anklet and strappy sandal look, or just want something with a lower profile than the shorter socks for summer I blogged about earlier.

Okay, let’s start with the barest minimum, the Gracel Foot Ring. Perfect for open-toed slides, it’s just enough sock to keep a shoe from rubbing uncomfortably.  And if you wear wider slides, then you can’t see the sock at all.

They also work pretty well with flip-flops, though they don’t protect that area between your toes. (also what do you call these shoes? Most people I went to school with called them slippers, but I went to school with a lot of native Hawai’ian folks). For better protection between the toes that’s still lightweight, the Silk Toes Half Sock or the Silk Ballerina Toes are perfect.

Now half socks we have a category for, though it’s not very populated right now. Some of our favourite barely-there sock styles have been discontinued, but we are always on the lookout for more. Luckily, two great basics, the Civo Mule Slide Socks and the Cotton Half Socks have stuck around. They’re perfect for closed-toe sandals, clogs and slides of all sorts.  The Cotton Half Socks come two pairs to the pack, one black and one white, both with fun dots at the toes.  The Civo Mule Slide Socks, pictured in the middle below, come in the same great range of shades as the Gracel Foot Ring.

Speaking of barely-there, the Extreme No-Show Liner is the minimum amount of sock that still covers your heel and toes. The skimmers and flats I’ve been seeing all over are perfect with these little socks. They still show a little over super-low cut shoes, but are covered up by most flats. What I love about the Extreme No-Show Liners is that they also come in packs of two pair, more bang for your buck!

Do you wear these kinds of socks with sandals? Are your feet tough enough to stand up to rubbing or do you need a little bit of sock to keep you comfy?