Sometimes we’re surprised to find out that a style we thought was going to be restocked is actually gone forever.  It’s always a bummer and it’s even worse if you’re waiting for something to come back and you don’t know if it is really gone or you just can’t find it.

Worry no longer!  We’ve added a feature to our Automated Notifications to help you out.

If you’ve selected to be notified when a style or variety is back in stock, but it turns out that item is no longer available, you’ll receive an email letting you know.  We had been doing this ourselves, but now it can happen magically, I mean automatically.

So you’re not too sad, the emails will often even list options from the same categories as the deleted style!  If you’ve been waiting for a particular colour or size that is no longer available, the email will list the colours or sizes that you can still order.  Totally magic.  ;)