Are you heading out to the desert this August 29 to September 5th? Last year we suggested some bootsocks, leg warmers and arm warmers (both fun and functional) that would be good options for Burning Man.  Warm as it can be, the alkali dust of the playa is no good for your feet, so socks are a must!

First off, a tip from a friend of mine to keep your feet happy: when retiring for the night, coat your feet with a good lotion and pop on a pair of bedsocks or other terry-lined socks before going to sleep.  It’s a standard foot beauty tip, but it is also good practice to keep your feet healthy when they’re being subjected to a harsh environment.  These three lighter-weight favourites are great options, but the Babs are going away, so get a pair while you can!  The Space Terry Shorties and the Babs you can wear inside-out so the cushy terry is against your toes.

Space Terry Shorties
M Bootsocks
Babs Fleece Spa Socks

We’ve had some requests for good, lightweight taller socks that won’t be too hot scrunched down during the day and will be a good layer at night.  Our Lightweight collection is a good place to start, but these three are some of our go-to thinner over the knee options:

O Chevrons
M Stripes
Crochet Lover Over the Knees

More fun and functional styles after the jump, including some intense leg warmers!

Sensible socks that are made for long and heavy wear are also good options, since you’ll probably want to get more than one wear out of them without washing.  The Travel Toe Socks from Injinji have Coolmax® with silver, which inhibits bacterial growth (gross but cool!).  The Bamboo No-Shows  are another style that lasts well with multiple wears between washings (as one of our Dreamers found with a taller version).  And if you want something more fun with the power of bamboo, then you can’t go wrong with our Tie-Dyed Bamboo Crews!

Speaking of fun, this new style is exactly that.  I am so in love with the Furry Lurex Leg Warmers.  And they really do keep you warm! Perfect for cool desert nights.

Keep in mind that they do shed, so if you want to leave no trace but still rock the cozy faux fur, the Harajuku Furry Warmers may be a better bet.

Another new item that might be useful is the Lo Pocket Sport.  Just the right size to hold a couple of essentials, water resistant (not that that's a big problem in the desert) and with a handy reflector stripe, it fits on your arm or leg and adjusts snugly.

Of course, there are so many more options and styles for Burning Man.  You can always write us with what you’re looking for and we can help you find what will work best for you.  Are you going to Black Rock City this year?  What socks are you bringing?

Next week I’ll tell you about a cool fiber with some properties that will be great on the playa (or anywhere else) this summer!