Whew, I cannot quite believe it, but I am proud to say that I’ve updated the Sock Journal every Friday for the past year!  It’s been fun, even as I juggled ideas of what would be the most interesting and useful for Sock Dream followers.  So much has happened here at Sock Dreams in the past year!  Now there’s a whole team rocking our social networking outlets—when we’re not pulling your orders, helping you over the phone or organising our warehouse of socks.

There’s our Facebook, which was so popular our brick and mortar store had to branch out with their own!  Both the SDHQ and Sock Dreams Shop Twitter have been rocking more every day.  And, if you need your sock blogging a little more regular than once a week, we’ve now got a Sock Dreams Tumblr!

Where here on the Sock Journal I get to nerd out about DIY for your socks, Fiber Facts, Socks For specific occasions and other fun informative socky stuff, the Tumblr is full of quick info and fun pictures from us and customers. And remember the Dreamers Recommend that we were doing here on the Sock Journal?  Well, now Dreamers Recommend is on the Tumblr.  And you can submit what Sock Dreams socks you love there too!

I’m excited about this, not only because now I feel like the Sock Journal has a little sister blog (which is awesome) but it frees me up to do more fun informative (fun-formative?) stuff.  I definitely want to add more posts to the What is a . . . ? category.  The difference between “stockings” and “hose” and what it is that can define a “men’s sock” is super useful in helping you find what kind of sock you’re looking for.

After the jump, five of my favourite posts from the last year!

Shoes! The who and where of some of our most asked-about shoes seen in product shots.


Socks for costumes! A handful of ideas for costumes and what socks you’ll need for the finishing touch.  We've already got a list going of what costumes we'll post about for this year!


Socks for Wizards! Harry Potter fans who want to rock their favourite house colours can find a bunch of magical options here.


DIY: Darn it! One of the most popular DIY posts, how to mend holes in socks so you can keep rocking them.

Sock math! How sock sizing and shoe sizing conversion works, a great reference for sock lovers outside of the US.


So, how’ve I been doing?  What are some of your favourite posts and what would you like to see here on the Sock Journal?