We had some pretty great entries for our contest and it was interesting to find out how many Sock Dreams stickers are rocking on laptops and how many cars are representing us with some sticker love (and at least one of those sported two stickers!).  We’re touched that you all love to show off our stickers so prominently!  Remember, you can always ask us for a sticker with your order.

Before we get to the winner, let’s turn up the anticipation with some wonderfully honourable mentions that will be getting a $5 promo code for being so awesome!

We love the story and the Sock It To Me Rainbows that go with this shot, "My Sock Dream sticker is on my ' Yes, it's raining and I get to get all muddy and dirty on my ride to work but don't want my work clothes to get all wet, waterproof bag I made to cover my backpack.' I always wear great Sock Dream socks while I am riding they protect me from bad drivers and bike hating dogs. I have had several people yell out their car window "nice socks" especially when I wear these rainbow socks! Thanks for protecting me Sock Dreams!!!!"

And we've got quite a few sci-fi and gamer nerds and geeks here at Sock Dreams, so we really dug the following two shots, one at Nerdapalooza in Orlando, pairing the Extraordinary Striped Thigh Highs in Plum & Lilac with Spock:

And this gamer says she wears the Evil or the Nerd Knee Highs when she plays. Perfect! We like to think our sticker imbues her dice with better rolling power.

Of course the sweet, witchy face of this twiggy fae flew right into our hearts.

Drumroll please . . . and join us after the jump for the winner!

Not only one sticker placement stood out, but two!  The first winner of the Sock Dreams Sticker Contest (and soon to be proud owner of a Sock Dreams Logo Tee) is this awesome shot:

We loved the spark of whimsy (and genius) in putting a sticker on a hive, but the Sock It To Me Bumble Bees, bee bandana (beedana?) and general awesomeness made this shot a clear winner.  I'm sure if we made socks small enough, these bees would totally shop at Sock Dreams.

Our second winner (though we loved these shots equally!) goes with honey perfectly:

Not only is this bedecked mixer used to make tasty home-made bread, but the colours and composition are equally delicious!  The bakers and photographers were in love with this shot, especially the folks who are both!

The winners and runners up will be getting a message in their original post from our sock fairies any moment now to hook up their prizes—though I'm afraid we don't have any shirts to fit the bees.  Thank you all for your awesome entries! You helped keep our Facebook page fun and full of pictures and sock love.  We love seeing you rock our socks!