While we’re watching your sticker picture snaps come in for the contest I thought we could all do with a little bit of fun prettiness (and I really just wanted an excuse to do more colour wheels!) from styles in our Summer and Lightweight collections.

One summer style that is a big favourite with Dreamers and will always remind me of a box of crayons are the Dream Sneakers.  They hide under high tops and their ankle band of colour just pops over lower shoes. And they come in packs of two pair!

(from top right, going clockwise: Black/Royal, Black/Purple, Black/Fuchsia, Black/Red, Black/Gold, Black/Kelly)

Now, sometimes you need more than little sneaker socks. Lightweight arm warmers and even an OTK after the jump!

We get asked what arm warmer styles are good lightweight summer styles pretty regularly.  Both the Vitamin Arm Warmers and the Chevron Sleeves are good, fuller coverage arm warmers that are still light enough to breathe.  If you’re sensitive to the sun, they’re a great choice.  The Ethereal Arm Warmers are the same long length and are even lighter, but they are also are semi-sheer, so they won’t give you as much protection.  Between all three is one of my favourite rainbows, swinging between summer neons and sunbleached pales:

(from top right, going clockwise: Ethereal in Lilac, Ethereal in Pink, Chevron Sleeves in Dark Red, Vitamin in Neon Orange, Vitamin in Neon Yellow, Chevron Sleeves in Hunter)

Speaking of coverage, sometimes you may want a little more on your legs in the summer, either for the evening or personal style.  When it’s warm, it’s best to stick with open, lacy styles.  The open, cotton blend knit of the Crochet Lover Over the Knees is a perfect option. I love how their colours are dusty but vibrant, like wildflowers and summer grass.

(from top right, going clockwise: Dark Cyan, Brown, Merlot, Rust, Gold, Olive)

We know some of you do go sockless in the summer, especially the summer weather most of the country is having right now (and we forgive you, since you do rock socks in the winter!), but if you do wear socks or armwarmers, do you have a go-to summer colours?  What colours are summer to you?

Ooh! And don't forget to check out the contest before it ends next Thursday, July 28!