Have you ever received a sticker from us with your order?  Maybe we loved your comment or email name, maybe you straight up asked for some.  Right now the only way to get a Sock Dreams sticker is to get one with an order, but we know some of you die-hards are collecting quite a few.  And you may have noticed that there are some new colour variations as well!


Well, we’ve been hearing for a while about all these fun places you’ve been showing off your love of Sock Dreams, but now we want to see them!  If you haven't already, stick your Sock Dreams sticker somewhere cool or notable and show it off on our Facebook page.  And if we think you rock the socks at sticker placement, you’ll win a free Sock Dreams Logo Tee!

Of course, here are some ground rules and guidelines:

If you don’t have a spare sticker laying around, all you need to do is request one when you order.  Our free first class shipping in the US means that all you’re paying for are your socks!

DON’T Stick the sticker somewhere illegal (street sign, someone else’s property, etc.)
DO Keep it family-friendly.
IF You have already rocked our sticker somewhere, get a snap of it! It's even more exciting to us if it's got a little history.

Post a snapshot of where you’ve stuck your sticker on our Facebook page.
We'll accept entries for two weeks, so you have until July 28th to submit!

Us Dreamers (with Niq as the deciding vote) will decide which picture we think shows the best, most inventive and fun placement and we’ll announce the winner on Facebook and the Sock Journal!

The winner will be contacted and we’ll figure out what size of our Logo Tee (of the available sizes) they’ll like and where it needs to go.

Contest! So exciting!!

A couple last rule things to note:

We reserve the right to remove any images that aren't in the spirit of the contest. Let's keep it fun!

The winner will receive a Sock Dreams Logo Tee valued at $22 that’s hand screen-printed right here at SDHQ in Portland Oregon by real Dreamers and Sock Faeries.  The sizes available are listed on the product page and run between Small and 2XL.

Stickers are only available with purchases from Sock Dreams.  We’re sorry, but that’s the most economical way for us to send them out right now.  To request a sticker, write us a note in the box you see when you choose your shipping option (pictured below):

Of course, if you visit our shop in Portland, you can pick one up there too!

Okay, all bases should be covered, now go cover something with a Sock Dreams sticker!