Oh the stars and stripes!  If your Fourth of July outfit needs a little more flair, we have three bold American flag options for you to rock.

America Printed Trouser Socks
American Flag Midcalves
Old Glory Printed Trouser Socks

There is also a brand new arm warmer style that would be a great layer when it gets chillier at night watching fireworks, the Patriotic Arm Warmer.

Of course, you can be patriotic more subtly, by wearing something made in the USA.  Some of our favourite American-made styles after the jump!

Our DreaM Stockings styles are all made in the USA just for us and come in fun stripes, cool slinky rayon, little anklets and much more!

Dreamy Knees
A Chevrons
O Rayons

Of course, our Dreamer Socks are also made in the USA, and their super stretch means they fit more feet and legs!

Dream Stalker Stripes
Acrylic Slouch Socks
Vertically Checkered OTKs

The newly-returned Ashi Dashi are made in the USA right down to the ink on their labels!  And socks like these are perfect for a summer barbecue:

Ashi Dashi Meat Midcalf
Ashi Dashi Corn Crew
Ashi Dashi Strawberry Crew

And there are so many more, because here at Sock Dreams, we believe in supporting local business and most of our suppliers make their styles in the USA.  There’s a bunch, but I think I got them all!  Each link leads to their category, where you can see all the styles each supplier offers.

Ashi Dashi



Dream Stockings

Dreamer Socks

E.G. Smith



QT Feet



Rock Socks





Sock Dreams

Whew! That's a lot of made in the USA!  But we're dedicated to it. And, of course, we offer free first class shipping in the United States, you can't get much more patriotic than that. ;)