Woo! Pride weekend has come and gone and our Dreamers who worked the booth at Pride deserve high fives all around.  Saturday was drizzly and grey for most of the day and when I stopped by the booth I ended up just shooting under the tent so my camera wouldn't get wet.

Two of our Dreamers, Allie and Jen, who locals might know from the store, were all smiles despite the chilly weather and ever present misting rain.

I was too busy talking to our other Dreamer working that day while I took snaps of the sockly spread, so she ended up not in any of my pictures.  Boo!  But our table did look scrumptious, with lots of little goodies tucked into pretty purple bins.

Toe socks, t-shirts and petticoats, oh my!

Sock It To Me, Ozone and some hungry Alligator and Shark Bites.

Here's a peek into one of those bins, a whole passel of Rock Socks in Gay and Queen and a rainbow of tie dye!

Oh, I wish it had been sunnier, or just less wet, on Saturday.  Though I think all those rainbow socks at our booth did help brighten up the day, and warm up some folks' feet!

Did you brave the weather and stop by our booth?  Or were you smart enough to wait for Sunday, like Niqkita did?