after 10 years of doing it all the old fashioned way we have added a notify option to our site so you can sign up when we are out of what you want and our system will automatically send you an email when we restock (actually, it will go out at the end of the day to consolidate any additional notifications that may be going to individuals).

Not only that, but you can opt to be notified when new items arrive by that brand and sign up for our upcoming email newsletter. Please note that we will never automatically sign people up just for ordering from us and our newsletter will be an occasional occurrence rather than those daily reminders of sales, new items or seasonal favorites that so many companies seem to do these days.

If you do want to know what we're doing on a more frequent basis you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter where we will continue to announce and chatter nearly each and every day as things come up. Speaking of Facebook... we also just added a page just for our little retail shop here in Portland, if you want to keep up with our local happenings "like" us and we'll keep you up to date on new goings on at our shop along with our shop-specific twitterings.