Even though the first day of summer is in a couple of days, the sun and the clouds here in Portland are stubbornly refusing to believe it.  Despite the weather’s mightiest efforts to hold on to spring, it has been getting warm enough for me to think of short socks and anklets without shivering.

Shorter than true crews, but still tall enough to show over sneakers, anklets more often than not cover your ankle bone and sometimes have enough height to fold over.  They’re also called “quarter crews” and a lot of regular ol’ crew socks easily fit into the definition too, depending on how they fit.  A lot of our suppliers call them “shorties”.  Of course, when you think of warm weather socks, you think of cotton

Sunny Anklets
Sunrise Shorties
Space Dyed Terry Shorties

But don’t discount other fibers! Wool, especially hollow-fibered angora, can keep your feet cool as well as they keep them warm.  And sheer nylon shorties are just too cute to ignore.

Jolie Fireside Shorties
Betsey’s Stargazer Shorty
Bunny Angora Shorty

But what if you want your socks to have an even lower profile? We’ve got some options for you after the jump!

Footies come over the top of your foot, covering more than true no shows (though they are sometimes called no shows!) and less than anklets.  The line between anklet and footie is a flexible one, like most sock coverage defining categories.  They’re hidden by all but the most low-cut sneakers but flats will show off any fun designs on the top of the foot.  Here are some basics:

Adie Pima Cotton Ghost Footies
Dream Sneakers
Performance Micro Toe Sock

Some of the most fun designs come in footies, like faux shoes to pretty bows.

• Faux Shoe No-Show 3-Pack •
Pretty Bow Stretch Socks
Cherry Blossom Tabis

And of course, if you want something other than cotton, we’ve got it!

Jane Cashmere Anklet
Silk Ballerina Toes
Bamboo No Show 3 Pack

What about true no shows and other socky options for sandals?  As it keeps warming up (right now it is in the mid-sixties and drizzling outside, brrr!) we’ll keep showing off summer options.  What’s your favourite late spring/early summer sock?