If you’re looking for ideas of what to get your father, dad, daddy, poppa, padre or father figure (or whatever you call the person who holds that place in your life) for Father’s day on June 19th, a good place to start is our Larger Foot collection.  Not that all papas have big feet! If they have feet that fit the standard sock range of women’s US shoe size 6-10, men’s 4-8, then most of our socks will fit quite nicely. And, of course, a gift card fits everybody (and there's always an email gift card
for last minute presents)!

A quick tip: on average, men’s US shoe sizes are the same as the women’s size, minus two.  So if our Sizing Tips for a product say that a style fits women’s US shoe size 7 – 11, then they should fit men’s US shoe size 5-9.  Most suppliers call their larger foot sizes “men’s”, which also tends to be midcalf.  We’ve got these styles in a collection all their own.

Nothing is really more old-school masculine than our Men’s Sock Garters (called such because they’re styled after the traditional men’s sock garters, not because they’re just for guys). They also are available in stripes and extra-long.  They add a fantastically polished look to any outfit.

The button and loop closure on these traditional garters work best with thinner dress socks, so if you plan on pairing them with styles with thicker cuffs, the tougher grip of the Suspender Clip Sock Garters is the way to go. Here are a couple of socks that do work well (and look great) with traditional sock garters:

B Chevrons
Ozone Stripy Midcalves
B.Ella Teodoro

Midcalves are commonly associated with father’s day socks, and if that’s your padre’s style, we have a ton of options.  But there are other sock styles out there, even if you (or the person you’re buying for) are rocking men’s US shoe size 11s!  Check them out after the jump!

Knee highs look great with shorts.  Plus, even though it’s warm right now and hard to imagine winter chills, taller socks are great under long pants when the weather turns frosty.

Dreamy Knee High Tube Sock
Meat Knee High
Dream Stalker Stripes

On the opposite end of the spectrum are ankle socks, which pair fantastically with sneakers and other casual shoes, adding a flash of colour around the ankle.

Dream Sneakers
Split Toe Quarter Crew
Eco Performance Rainbow Quarter Crew Toe Sock

Of course, these are all just some starter ideas for what to pick out for Father’s day.  Every dad is different—what things are you thinking about picking up for your poppa?