Sock Dreams has been sponsoring and tabling at Portland Pride since 2007, it’s the biggest event we work each year and it’s always a blast! In our Photo Galleries we’ve got pictures from 2009 and 2008, and there are roundups by Niqkita for 2008 and 2007 in the Sock Journal too. 2010 snuck past without many pictures being taken, though Niqkita did snap a shot of the Tie Dyed Tights on our table, we debuted them that year.

pride 2010 tights

It’s no secret that Sock Dreams loves rainbows, we’ve got rainbow styles from crew to knee high to thigh high in that classic rainbow colourway:

Rainbow Midcalves
Sock It To Me Rainbow Knee Highs (also available in the larger Curvy Stripes) •
Lycra Rainbow Thigh Highs

But there are as many rainbows as there are colours in a rainbow (which, if you count where the colours on a real rainbow overlap and mix, that’s a lot!), and sometimes a person just wants to show their colours, but not regular old rainbow shades.

There are a lot of official and unofficial pride flags and symbols out there, Wikipedia lists quite a few, and I’ve been scouring our styles to see what socks a person could match up if they wanted a little something different than regular rainbows.

Lots of socks and pride after the jump!

The Rainbow Dreams in Bright bring to mind the Pansexual pride flag, with the bold pink and yellow.

Now we’ve got to start getting creative, ‘cause three-colour stripes aren’t something you see a lot in the sock world (much to my personal dismay).  The meaningful balance of the Transgender pride flag can’t be perfectly replicated, but the colour symbology could be rocked by wearing one Blue Knees in Pink and one Pink Knees in Natural (or White Knees in Light Blue, if you so desire).

One each of the Charcoal & Black and the White & Purple in either the Three Stripe Over the Knees or Three Stripe Knee Socks is a great match for the Asexual pride flag and colours.

The colours in the Bisexual pride flag are hard to match, because they’re such rich jewel tones that don’t often get striped together.  The closest way to rock these colours that I’ve been able to find is without stripes at all, just one each of the Cotton Slouch Socks in Royal and in Fuchsia, paired with the Harajuku Arm Warmers in Violet.

I had a heck of a time thinking of something to show off the colours in the unofficial Genderqueer pride flag, which I love, the closest thing are probably the Polonova Flower Trouser Socks in Chartreuse Purple with a pair of Simply Adjustable Sock Garters in White, but they’re still not quite the right shade.

What rainbows have you rocked?  Have you come up with any combo of colours that you think works particularly well?

If you’re local and planning on going to the Portland Pride Festival, we look forward to seeing you at our booth!  Booths at the Portland Pride Festival are open from noon to 6pm on Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of June, more info on the event here.  And keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter as we get closer to the event and have more info on where on the grounds we’ll be.   :)