The evolution of social media has been amazing to watch over the past 11 years since my sock dreams started becoming a reality. In the early days I hand created a daily journal I called the Socks of the Day. I manually updated it each and every day and it was a labor of love, no comments, no easy updates by simply typing and hitting send. In fact, our old SOTD archive is so out of date and in need of recoding that it is hidden until the day comes that we can rebuild it, for posterity if for no other reason.

Fast forward to today and, in terms of Social media, I mostly only do the latest news here from time to time and the Sock Journal is handled fantastically by our warehouse manager extraordinaire Brenna.
Nearly half of our employees help out with Facebook page (I still occasionally do an update or comment there as well), but only a handful handle our Twitter and apparently they are handling it very well because we got a wonderful mention on Critical Hit Design:

"... @SockDreams. They do a minimal amount of advertising when there’s a sale, or new products. But they also retweet their customers’ comments about their socks, and often reply back to you with conversation. I feel that following them is worthwhile, because I can show my support for a small Portland-based sock company that I adore, and they don’t pay me back with endless spam but instead kind words."

Of course, there was more said so you should click on over and check it out! Our customer service manager Jess does our main twitter @sockdreams and @sockdreamsshop, our shop in Sellwood, is handled by the Laurel & Zaffie, Laurel is the shop manager and Zaffie splits her time between our shop and our shipping department where she also helps out in the warehouse as needed.

We're adding more to our Social Media endeavors in the near future and when we do, we'll let you know what and where via here, there and everywhere...