Back when I first started working for Sock Dreams, I had a sock dream.  Well, not actually a dream about socks, it was about petticoats! About the perfectly fluffy and bouncy Layered Tulle Petticoat, to be exact.  If I’m remembering correctly, we’d recently got in the Flamingo version, which is a much more vibrant pink than the ballerina-soft Light Pink. That rich hue must have stuck in my head, because when I went to sleep that night I dreamt we’d received another new colour of the Layered Tulle—a rich turquoise version of the pale Light Blue!  When I woke up I was so bummed that the colour wasn’t real.  The bright joy of it faded as the day dawned.

I know that certain colours are hard for manufactures to get right, or to decide are worth doing.  And some colours will just never be available in the yarns we need.  So I thought fondly of my little dream petticoat and went about my business, enjoying all the other great options out there.

And then something wonderful happened, but I won’t tell until after the jump!

Now, years later, I’m ordering Leg Avenue items and I see a new colour option listed for the Layered Tulle Petticoat. Turquoise! I was so excited that my poor fellow Dreamers had to hear about the “dream petticoat” for weeks while I waited for the Turquoise to be available at Leg Avenue.  But the wait of a few weeks was worth waiting for something I never thought would exist.  And now the Turquoise petticoats are here and they are gorgeous and I am pretty much the happiest, because my dream came true.

It was a one-in-a-million chance that a colour I wished for was made. And for some styles that go away, the chances are pretty much the same that they’ll return. Luckily, that’s not the case with Ashi Dashi. I wrote at the beginning of this year that Ashi Dashi was no longer selling wholesale and that we wouldn’t be able to carry their styles any longer.  It was sad and we began saying goodbye to our favourite styles.

The Notebook Knee Highs might have been one of the ones we were saddest to see go.

But all of you must have wished hard, clicked your ruby slippers together and magicked Ashi Dashi back into being. Not all styles are coming back to us, and right now we don’t have all the sizes of the styles we will be carrying, but Ashi Dashi is back and we’re so excited!  There are even some new styles we’ll be introducing, so keep an eye on the New Items page.

Though we’re working hard at making them happen, dreams (even sock dreams!) can’t come true every day.  But when they do, it’s absolutely magical.