Our Dreamer Socks styles, with their super comfy cuff and surprising stretch, have quickly become a favourite with us Dreamers and all you wonderful sock lovers.  This week we’re proud to introduce more delightful, dreamy styles to the line.

I’m most excited about one of our newest styles for a terribly nerdy reason. Jacquard weaving, with its innovative loom (that was basically an early computer!) is a pretty cool thing.  Socks are knit, not woven, and it turns out that there is a way to knit, jacquard style!  The resulting two-colour patterns have great stretch, beautiful vertical patterns and have swept all us Dreamers off our feet with love.  The first jacquard style we introduced has a gorgeous vertical ripple that almost plays optical illusion-like with your eyes.

The brand-newest jacquard style the girly side of me totally squeals over, it’s all ribbons and flowers and springy colours.

What I like best about the jacquard styles is that the inside is almost like terry loops, so they’re crazy cozy, but the stretchy knit doesn’t get overwarm!

More exciting new things after the jump!

Now, our Extraordinary Thigh Highs are already pretty, well, extraordinary—with a foot that fits US Women's shoe size 6-14 (men's 4-12), a calf stretch of 24 inches and a cuff stretch of 27 inches! We’ve got them in Striped, we’ve got them in an even longer striped and now (drumroll please), we have our solid-coloured Extraordinary Thigh Highs in an extra-long version that goes up the very tip top of a lot of our legs and solidly over the knee on folks with larger and longer legs.  May we proudly present the Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs!

If you’ve been looking for a true thigh high, these just might be it! They go to the tippity tops of most legs, they even hit thigh high territory on one of our plus-size testers with 27 inch thigh circumference and a 30 inch inseam, who normally can only wear thigh highs as over the knee socks.  If you’ve got longer legs, they won’t go as high, but they’ll still hit respectively above the knee.

In the same theme of new versions of old favourites the wonderful Acrylic Slouch Socks should look familiar! I’ve always been a big fan of the Cotton Slouch Socks, but I may have just found a new love.

Acrylic has some of the same textures as wool, which is why it is so often blended with it.  But there’s no wool in these, just super soft acrylic in bright crayon colours.

It’s so exciting how our Sock Dreams styles are growing and I cannot wait to see what we think up in the future.  What new Dreamer Sock style are you most excited to try?