If you've picked up a pair of Sweet Marcel socks before, you may have noticed the vintage-style giant safety pin they used as a hanger. We love touches like this, and were worried at first when we heard that the pins weren't going to be available anymore.

But we shouldn't have worried, because as soon as they showed us the new hangers, we realised that Sweet Marcel was going to be even sweeter!


Teeny hangers! I don't know about you, but if you make something littler I am going to love it more. I just want to hang all my socks on little hangers now, in a tiny closet (well, actually it'd have to still be a big closet, I have a lot of socks!).

Shirley and Phoebe OTKs

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Attention to details like this is what makes Sweet Marcel such a wonderful brand. Last season's Sweet Marcel styles even have a little logo patch on the cuff.


The styles from last season that have the cuff detail are (from left to right)—top row: Addy, Derra, Joelle. Bottom row: Julia, Sophia, Victoria.


Not that the latest styles are lacking in detail or style (and some folks don't like obvious logos). I love the rich floral styles and colour in Sweet Marcel's latest designs. And the Wisteria & Xena are not only designed by a Project Runway contestant, they're the only style we have left with the giant safety pin hangers. So they're two kinds of an awesome find!


Have you owned a pair of Sweet Marcels? What did you think? Do you love them for their cuff or their designs? How about the high cotton content? Did you know that most of the designs make awesome knee highs for longer or curvier legs?