It's warming up! But fluctuating spring weather means it's not time for the lightest weight socks yet. So what to wear when it's cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon?

Spring weather is my favourite. T-shirts and trousers or shorts and longsleeves, lighweight coats and shoes that don't have to handle winter floods! One of my favourite menswear blogs recently posted about what socks to wear with plimsol sneakers (canvas shoes), which is a great question. Warm weather shoes don't have to accommodate thick winter socks and they're often paired with more casual looks, which opens up a bunch of fun possibilities.

The favourite thin sock in my household are the B Chevrons. They do double duty as a dress sock with loafers, the wide range of colours means they go with nearly everything and they're not hard on the wallet. Those chevrons in the knit make these airy socks that get worn far into summer. Smaller feet have an option too, with the A Chevrons, which have a lighter palette.

I like A and B Chevrons because they're great peeking beneath the hem of slacks, but they also scrunch down and look great with shorts. Here's three more lighter-weight crew and midcalf options:

Bastia Comfort Top Crew
Performance Liner Crew
Brittany Sailor Stripe Midcalf


Options for shorts and some of the best longer socks for warmer weather after the jump!

Sometimes I can't wait to break out shorts, but the weather isn't quite warm enough for it. Or it starts out not warm enough and is super sunny by the middle of the day. In the first instance, I like thin over the knee styles like the OTK Rugby Stripes.

If you're more of a knee high person, the Super Stripe Knee Highs are good for lots of feet, since they come in two sizes (and there are a bunch more OTK and knee high options for larger feet in the Larger Feet section). I've been seeing more and more dudes rocking knee highs with shorts. Tall socks are the perfect way to get around the kind-of-grandpa look of socks with shorts, while still getting to rock shorts and socks.

Cotton is always a good bet when looking for lighter-weight socks, but thinner wool options are out there too (spring mornings can be cold, and warmer socks mean shorter shorts!). Some of our Dreamer's favourite springtime outfits involve shorts and lacy wool tights.

O Chevrons
O Basics
Patricia Merino Crochet Tights


Slouchable tall socks, paired with garters, are a great way to deal with changes in weather. I, of course, am a huge fan of the Harajuku Super Loose.

Some more lighter socks that look great slouched or tall with shorts and skirts are:

Ruffle Striped OTK
Bess Cashmere Slouch Rib Knee Socks
Diamond Lace OTKs


Whew, this is getting long. I'll save all the anklet and no show options for later, maybe when it's a touch warmer. What socks do you start breaking out as it warms up?