Sometimes an outfit comes together because of the details, that's why socks are great. But suspenders can be the same finishing touch.

Now, I'm not talking about the UK definition of suspenders, which is “garter belts.” No, I mean that accessory that calls up all sorts of retro connotations, from the 1980s, '40s, 20's and the 1880s! They're one of those accessories that look just as at home on a grungy newsie as they do on a Wall Street shark.

As someone who needs to wear, but hates belts, I've been eyeing the X-Back Suspenders for some time, wondering just what elastic/metal combination I should go for. My personal style includes a heavy dash of 1980's east coast yuppie, so when I heard that we'd be getting them in red, I knew that it would be worth the wait.


I was a little worried about the fit, they're 42 inches long and I'm a just over five-foot tall person who has to buy a lot of clothes from the children's department. But I worried for nothing! They fit me as fantastically as they do all the taller folks around here.

The X-Back Suspenders and the Y-Back Suspenders are made for us by the same great folks who make our Simply Adjustable garters, plus the many variations of classic Men's Sock Garters and updated Suspender Clip Garters that we have in our Sock Garter collection. That means they're beautiful, sturdy and made in the USA! They're more expensive than the ones we carry by Sourpuss, but they're infinitely nicer and definitely a case of “more for your money," with wider elastic and sturdier hardware.


Traditionally affixed to one's trousers by buttons, we've got them updated with toothed clips, so they can be worn with any sort of pant or skirt that will fit in the clips.

I'm already looking at my wardrobe in a new light, what can I wear with my new suspenders? Probably a better question is what can't I wear?! Do you rock suspenders, or “braces”?