I don't know how spring is going elsewhere, but here in the Pacific Northwest March came like a lion and left like a lion and only now, in the middle of April are we really starting to see springy, warm-sun days.  This kind of weather calls for arm warmers—they can add a pop of colour to an outfit in the morning and tuck away easily into a pocket or bag later in the day.  One of my favourite arm warmer standbys are the Harajuku Arm Warmer, which comes in a rainbow of colours.

(from top left, going clockwise: Emerald Green, Dark Cyan, Purple, Red, California Orange, Yellow)

Not only do they come in twenty five (!) colours, the Harajuku Arm Warmers are the perfect balance of warm and lightweight.  They're short enough to stuff in a jacket pocket when it warms up and the open space for fingers means I can easily slip them down to wash my hands.

Lovely as they are, they aren't the only arm warmers that have their own pretty rainbow.  Two more great spring transitional arm warmer rainbows after the jump!

I've written before about the great cozy properties of alpaca and angora, they're such perfect insulators, keeping you warm without being too hot, exactly what early spring weather needs.  Breaux arm warmers are beautiful alpaca blends and have a cozy rainbow of cabled colour options in the Alpaca Cable Knit Arm Warmers and the Alpaca Cable Hand Warmers.

(from top left, going clockwise: hand warmers in Forest, Steel Blue, Merlot; arm warmers in Red Wine; hand warmers in Rust and arm warmers in Mustard)

What I've been relying on all winter and into the spring are the Orkney Angora Wrist Warmers.  I wear them under arm warmers when I need an extra kick of cozy, hidden under long sleeves, pulled up partially on my hand, plus they're perfect for when a t-shirt isn't quite warm enough, but arm warmers would be too much. I guess, in short, I've been living in them! Their eleven colour options offer a muted rainbow that is as soft a selection as angora itself.

(from top left, going clockwise: Olive, Sapphire, Blackberry, Burgundy, Fawn, Natural)

What's your favourite springtime arm warmer? Do you have a rainbow of them, or a few favourite shades?