Fun, flirty, sexy and cute, both the Anna Sui and Betsey Johnson lines are full of styles we love and look forward to offering online. They're not technically boutique, like some of the brands we offer specially at our brick and mortar shop, but they are seasonal and what we can get is often limited. Nonetheless, we're thrilled that we can get as much as we can and we're trying to space them in our new styles queue so you all can have fresh Anna and Betsey styles throughout the spring.

We've just introduced some Anna Sui into the mix, which includes some sweet little ankle socks that complement the classic Betsey Johnson styles.

Betsey's Stargazer Shorty
Sui Rose Crew
Betsey's Peekaboo Crew


More Betsey and Anna after the jump!

We may not be able to get more of the Betsey Bee's Knees right now (we're trying!), but Anna Sui has two equally adorable knee highs:

Anna Sui Floral & Ribbed Knee Sock
Anna Sui Amish Heavy Gauge Knee High


A Betsey Johnson style that is sure to go fast are the Petite Pointelle Over the Knee. We've got just Black available right now, but there are two more colours that we'll be releasing soon. If you see one you like, get it while you can! A little lace, a little open work and the signature Betsey bow.  Another style of Betsey's that we love are the Mark Mahoney Tattoo Sheer Tights. I am a sucker for the little details on Betsey Johnson styles.  So dainty!


That's just a taste of what we have and what we have coming, so keep a sharp eye on our Latest Items, both Anna Sui and Betsey Johnson are just too good to miss!