Three years ago today we opened up the tiny lobby space of Sock Dreams HQ to local sock shoppers. It was a soft opening, we didn't know what to expect. Would we have customers (it's not easy to park at SDHQ, there is a very busy thoroughfare right next to us), would we have enough space for customers? Even though it was a soft opening, there was quite a buzz gathering. As Niqkita posted the day before our quiet little opening, the excitement from future customers was “both hugely flattering and just a wee bit scary”.

Then, the October after the store's first birthday, we had our grand opening at the new shop site! Instead of a little lobby at HQ, the shop graduated to a whole building, an adorable little historic house in the heart of Sellwood. Though our primary business is selling online, our storefront lets folks from Portland (and all around—we're always touched to hear that people have us on their see-while-in-Portland vacation to-dos!) check out a selection of our top-selling styles in person.

There's no way we can fit everything we have have online in our shop, but we do make sure that everybody's favourites are well-stocked, like Tabbisocks, Leg Avenue, Sock It To Me and our Extraordinary and DreaM Stocking styles.

What's especially special about the store is that we're able to offer boutique styles and special brands that we can't order in the amounts we need to sell online, or that we're testing out in the shop before we bring them to the website. So, there may be socks that you see online that you can't get in the store, but there are lots of styles at the store that you can't get online. It's a pretty good trade-off. :)

A few of the things we have just at the storefront are a wide range of wee baby and kid socks and tights, gorgeous Swan Clothing Garters and a giant selection of SmartWool.

I love going to visit and seeing how our shop-folks have transformed the lovely pieces of antique furniture into vibrant rainbow sock displays.

The fun banner there is by another lovely vendor whose work we're able to offer at the store (though these ribbon banners are all ours!). You can also get a peek of the coat hanger draped with socks for folks to test the stretch of.

More things special to the store and some panoramas of the inside after the jump!

You can follow the shop on Twitter @SockDreamsShop, to keep an eye on what's been restocked and what awesome new display they've worked up. There's even a sale suitcase, with great deals on opened items, lightly defectives, and clearance items. For locals, we take several promo and discounts:

• Rose City Roller Derby •

Chinook Book coupons (including iPhone coupons)
PGE Green Power coupons
Choose Local program

The whole Sellwood/Westmoreland area is fun to walk around in (even on drizzly days!), so of course we even have walking maps, to help guide visitors around the other fun shops and restaurants in the area.


When I stopped by this week to grab some snaps for this post, I made some panoramas, so folks who haven't been to the store yet can get a hint of what it's like. All the pictures in the world can't describe how fun and sock-filled the shop is, or how happy our shop-folks are to share their “sockspertise” and help with any questions.

In the three years since we dipped our toes into the world of selling offline, we've been heartened and amazed by the enthusiasm and joy we've received through our little shop that is not so little anymore. Thank you so much all you wonderful sock people that have made this possible!

Have you been to our shop? Did you make a special trip out or is it local enough we see you as often as your barista does?