Like it or not... it's all about social media these days. There's hardly a business left that isn't using it, or trying to use it, to their advantage. Years ago myspace was all the rage and we were kind of half-assed about keeping up with that... then everyone jumped on the Facebook-wagon and we were skeptical. But one brave Sock Dreamer took the step and set us up and slowly, but surely, we became believers. Evidence that we didn't take this seriously in the beginning is that we chose religious center as our category instead of retail or local business. Not realizing there was no changing that once it was done I happily approved it. Thankfully, we recently managed to get that changed to local business so I think people are less confused... you are still welcome to worship us though.

So we hit a little milestone yesterday with 25,000 people liking us on Facebook

and we are having a sale to celebrate... if you want in on this sale go check out our Facebook page for more details! US shipping is always free by the way (unless you upgrade to priority or express)...
just in case you didn't already know that.