Sometimes something big happens that can cast a shadow over daily joys. The only thing to do is keep fighting forward to find the small happinesses that can buoy you along the hard path back. The earthquake and subsequent disasters in Japan hit all of us sock Dreamers in our hearts. Working with the International School we donated socks to support Socks for Japan, a brilliant and amazing organization that knows that though small comforts don't fix big problems, they can be a small flash of warmth in a cold world. Their site says it beautifully, “Socks aren’t primary support, but a token of care that will last beyond their small mid-crisis comfort.”

Tabbisocks, our supplier in Japan, so far has not suffered any direct loss from the recent disasters. We're keeping fingers and toes crossed for their continued safety and we will do our best to keep our Tabbisocks styles in stock as we can. Supporting Japanese companies like our wonderful sock friends at Tabbisocks is a small way to help support their economy (and ours) during this troubling times. It seems silly, and small, but again, it's the small comforts and helping hands that can help uplift hearts as we work to heal.

In that mind, here are a couple of our favourite comfort socks by Tabbisocks, including two new styles that we are so thrilled to be able to offer.

We've featured the Super Loose Socks before on the Sock Journal, they're one of the Dreamer favourites, hands (and feet) down, cozy and slouchy and classic. We now offer almost every colour Tabbisocks has, including an incredibly vivid Kelly that we got just in time for St. Patrick's day.

They were, until recently, one of the closest styles we could recommend to folks looking for something like the long-lost Pippy Longstockling, which were much thicker and longer, perfect for getting the schoolgirl look. We searched long and hard for a good replacement for the Pippy style and much to our delight Tabbisocks recently introduced their Schoolgirl Long Socks, in 30 and the Extra-Long 40 inch lengths. Unlike the Super Loose, they're a cotton blend and have a wonderful heft and slouch to them.

Speaking of classic looks, Tabbisocks' Cotton Tabi OTK is a traditional style in a modern length. And we even offer them in our custom-made Vertical Stripes!

One new Tabbisocks style I am personally super excited about are the Furry Warmers and the Spotted Furry Warmers. The cozy faux fur gives just the right amount of warmth and adding them to an outfit, as warmers or a retro-style muff, makes for one undeniable look.

There are so many ways we can help, directly with the Red Cross and the Portland-based Mercy Corps to more indirect ways like Socks for Japan and supporting companies that are local to our hearts. Every little bit helps, remember that small comforts can bring a surprising ray of hope no matter how dark the day.