Spring isn't why we're seeing so much green lately, it's St. Patrick's day! We've got a collection for anyone wanting to sport a touch o' the Irish.

There are lots of green styles in our St. Patrick's day collection, but if you want to sport shamrocks boldly we have a couple of lucky styles:

Lucky Clover Thigh Highs with Buckle Top
Shamrock Garters
Sock It To Me Clover Knee Highs


If you'd rather rock a bold kelly green, these solid colour styles should be right up your alley

Cotton Slouch Socks in Kelly
Harajuku Arm Warmers in Emerald
Opaque Nylon Trouser Socks in Kelly

And the Harajuku Super Loose (one of my favourite styles) is now available in a gorgeous Kelly Green too!

If you like beer, but the green stuff they make for this holiday isn't quite your thing, you can always sport the Beer Knee Highs in Green & White to honour the holiday while sticking by your regular pales, ambers and darks.

Green stripes after the jump!

Of course there are our Green Knees, in four colourways of green stripes.

And we've got several styles that rock green and white:

Rugby Striped Knee Highs in Kelly & White
Vertically Inclined Knee Highs in Clover
Leg Avenue Striped Tights in Green & White


If you like your look a little darker, there are also plenty of options in green and black:

Striped Thigh High w/Buckle Top
Skater Stripes in Blacks/Greens
Vertically Inclined OTK in Black & Green


And if taller socks aren't your thing, we have some styles that will look great peeking under your slacks or rocked with a skirt and garters.

B.Ella Agosto Argyles in Olive
Shamrock Midcalves
Nouvella Two Stripe Crew in Kelly & White


If you're feeling daring, the Foot Traffic Combed Cotton Tights have a new colour we haven't been able to get a picture of yet, but the Mint Green is a light, bright spring green that is a slightly more subtle way than kelly green to avoid getting pinched (oh I hate that tradition! but it's always best to play it safe).

This is just a drop in the lucky bucket of what we've got in our St. Patrick's day collection, so check it out and get your green on! Do any of you have St. Patrick's plans for rocking some green?