Over a decade ago March was deemed National Craft Month by the Craft & Hobby Association to introduce folks to the wonderful world of crafting. We couldn't think of a better time to unveil a little something special we've put together for crafters.

Over the years we've had a lot of requests from crafty folks asking for any unpaired socks we have on hand, or any socks that might not meet our standards for being worn. Though we were always happy to oblige when we could we've decided to make it easier and are proud to introduce the Crafty Bundle!

The Crafty Bundle is an adorable roll of five single socks that just don't quite meet our standards. This doesn't mean they're rags—there are some super cute socks wrapped up in these bundles! The Crafty Bundles are full of:

  • Samples of styles we currently carry or never did. Some are unfinished at one or both ends.
  • Socks that have lost their mate somewhere between the manufacturer and us.
  • Remainders of styles we used to sell but no longer do.
  • Styles that we found had structural problems (prone to unravelling at the cuff, missed stitches, etc).
  • Colours we don't carry any longer or never did.
  • And much more!

More about the Crafty Bundle and a couple ideas of what to use it for after the jump!

The colours and fibers are assorted, the socks in the Crafty Bundles could have cotton, wool, acrylic, nylon, polyester, viscose, lurex or more! There are knee highs, thigh highs, toe socks, warmers, anything that ever was (or almost was) a sock!  They've never been worn and they will probably never get to, so they need some crafty love.


But what can you do with a single sock? If you're deft with a needle then each Crafty Bundle is a magical little inspiration pack for arm warmers, sock monkeys and other sock critters. There's a fantastic list over at WikiHow with dozens of ideas for every day uses, like filling them with rice to make muscle relaxing packs, filling with beans for draft protectors (I never realised how useful these really were until we moved into our super drafty 1920's apartment), or cutting them into rings to use as pony tail bands.

A sock is really nothing more than a fun fabric tube with a million possibilities. Have you used socks for crafts? Do you have favourite sources for sock crafting? We're getting amped for National Craft Month and look forward to sharing crafting and DIY ideas with you!