If you've crossed the Ross Island Bridge lately you might have noticed the colorful new artwork adorning the windows of our warehouse & headquarters.

Scot Campbell, AKA Extremo the Clown, is the man behind the art and I was especially thrilled when he showed up in actual clown attire and went to work...

The Soctopus is my favorite part and was a collaboration based on an idea I had after looking over his previous works but I wanted it to be androgynous (as opposed to the one that used to be on Lippman's Party Supply Store's windows, she was quite a looker, just not the look I was looking for) and I thought it needed glasses because at least half of us Dreamers working within this unique building wear glasses most of the time, and of course it had to be purple with eight different socks.

As soon as the paint started going up on the windows and people started pulling into our parking lot we realized it needed to be crystal clear that we are not beckoning people in to buy things at this location, this is merely our office, headquarters and warehouse...

..."merely", HA! we send out hundreds, if not thousands, of pairs of socks from this location each and every week, but the only customers we let in are folks picking up the orders they've placed online.

We just want to use these windows to draw people to our website and if you pull in you will see plenty of mention of our shop in Sellwood (we even keep maps in the door because people still show up here even though we moved our shop a year and a half ago).

We were originally going to paint this building green but our previous landlords said this is the gateway to SW Portland and it shouldn't stand out too much as different, well so much for that!

PS I have hidden quite a few links to Extremo related items online within this post
to save you the trouble of googling him yourself.