Around Valentine's day interest in classic stocking styles sparks. Backseams are a classic, but the cuban heel adds a pin-up touch to the already timeless look of nylons. A cuban heel stocking is defined by an opaque foot bed that runs from the toes up past the heel, ending in a point. Backseamed and best paired with garters for insured stay-up-ability, they're undeniably foxy.

Our Cuban Heel collection may be small, but there are three definite pin-up styles that rock the cuban heel.

Lycra Sheer Cubans with Lace Up Tops
Cuban Heel Thigh Highs
Two Tone Red Cuban Heeled Stockings

For non-traditional takes on the cuban heel and a little bit of definition nerding after the jump!

Sheer nylons have a definite retro feel, but we've also got the cuban heel look available in a more modern spin.

Victoria Over the Knee
Lycra Cuban Heeled Two Tone Stockings
Sophia Over the Knee

For other word nerds out there, technically a “cuban” heel has a squared top. Then there is the “french” heel, a sort of stepped pyramid look like the Two Toned Red Cuban Heel Stocking. A “havana” heel has a smoother point that finishes higher and blends straight into the backseam, like the Faux Corset Cuban Heel Pantyhose.  Here's a quick sketch to show the difference:

For simplicity's sake (and because we tend to go by what our various suppliers call them) we just group all three styles under our Cuban Heel collection.

If you dig the classic nylon stocking are you into the retro look of the cuban heel, or is it just plain backseams for you?