Sure you love socks, but are you ready to commit?
If so, we've got a fun promo item that you might be interested in.

For Valentine's day we've whipped up a little something special to tuck into orders. A lot of you say you love Sock Dreams, but do you love us enough to rock a (temporary) tattoo?

How cool is this?! Traditional tattoo flash art that declares your love for Sock Dreams. And no commitment. ;) All you have to do is leave us a note when you place your order (on the second Shipping Options page, in the box that says "Enter any notes that you'd like us to see."), letting us know you'd love one of our limited edition temporary tattoos.

There's one catch—we have just 200 of these temporary tattoos, so it is first come, first serve. Only the first 200 people to leave a note in their order asking for the Valentine's temporary tattoo get one. I'll update here (and we'll post online at our Facebook and Twitter) when we run out. Get your orders in ASAP! We have no idea how long these will last.

We're all out of temporary tattoos! Thank you guys so much!

After the jump I've got a refresher course on applying temporary tattoos
(in case it's been a while for you).

Applying the temporary tattoo:

You'll want to get scissors and a damp washcloth ready.

1. Choose where you want the tattoo to go. Areas that are flatter and have less body hair are good choices. You may also want to pick a spot that clothing won't rub on as much, so it lasts longer.

2. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying the tattoo.

3. The tattoo has an cover sheet that you will remove later. With this sheet still on, cut away the excess around the image, as close to the edge of the image as possible.

4. Peel off the cover paper, exposing the sticky surface (try not to touch the sticky bit).

5. Place the tattoo face down on your skin.

6. Press a damp, warm washcloth against the tattoo on your skin for 20 to 30 seconds, or until the backing paper is soaked through and you can just see the image through it.

7. Slide or gently peel the backing paper off and discard it. Let your tattoo dry without touching for a couple of minutes.

8. And you're done! If you've applied it carefully it should stay looking awesome for 2-5 days.

Removing the temporary tattoo:

To remove the tattoo, use isopropyl alcohol (“rubbing alcohol”) and a cotton pad or cotton ball. Using a cotton ball well-soaked in rubbing alcohol, first wipe across the entire image to wet it and break down the adhesive. Then, start at one end of the tattoo and gently rub in small circular motions. You may need to use more than one cotton ball, it's the same process as removing nail polish—Rubbing harder may remove the image faster, but it can also irritate your skin.

If you take the plunge and are quick enough to claim one, we'd love to see you rocking your Sock Dreams temporary tattoo on our Facebook page!