We love our lovely logo and we know you do too.  But if you want to wear her socks, what styles are the best option?

Our winter logo (similar to the blue theme wallpaper we have, but with her classic purple hair) rocks multi-blue stripes.  The Dreamy Knees in Waterfall are almost a perfect match!

More logo matching options after the jump!

The summery rainbow logo is an easy match, our Rainbow Dreams in Classic are a sure thing, though the Foot Traffic Acrylic Rainbow OTKs are a good pairing too (and we have so many rainbow styles in our Rainbow Collection)

What about the pinks and blues of our classic logo that you see on our stickers?  Well, the Dreamy Knees in Sweet Pea are a close match, but they're nowhere near exact.  And they're currently out of stock, though we expect more from our wonderful DreaM Stocking supplier soon (remember, you can always write us and we'll let you know as soon as they're back in stock).

We're picky about our colours and sometimes yarn is hard to get, or a certain colour stops being made, which is why we haven't made a sock that perfectly matches our classic logo colours.  That's also why the two styles that match our pretty purple logo (which we have as a desktop wallpaper) are discontinued.  What kind of world is it that a full range of purple yarn is hard to find?  Well, we're crossing fingers and toes that we'll find the colours we want.  Until then, in memoriam, two delicious purple stripe socks we can no longer get the way we want:

But I don't want to end on a sad note (though there's still hope!).  We do have great options for matching both our current logo and the rainbow variation.  And we're on the search for the perfect purples and just the right shades of blues and pinks to match our other logo styles.  Until then, have you matched our logo (extra points if you rock purple hair!)?  Do you have a favourite style of our Sock Dreams gal?