Wildly fun socks that tend towards trompe l'oeil, Ashi Dashi is the lovable court jester of boutique brands, made in small batches in the USA. Japanese for “Stick out your Feet", Ashi Dashi dares you to put something fun on your toes.  But the latest news we have from them isn't so fun.

We love working with small companies (since we are one too!) and know what it's like when demand is higher than can be supplied. Overwhelmed by the delighted crowd of sock lovers, Ashi Dashi let us know recently that they'd made a choice to stop selling wholesale this fall and focus on keeping their site stocked. What this means for us and you is that we don't expect to be able to restock any of our Ashi Dashi styles at least for some time, if ever. We've got fingers and toes crossed that we will at least be able to restock some styles, like our exclusive Notebook Knee Highs, but right now we don't know for sure. Like anything, you can write us and we'll let you know as soon as we know if the style you're interested in will be coming back.  Below are three of the sock styles we miss.  :(

As our Ashi Dashi stock dwindles down, we'll be keeping an eye on it, in case any last pairs are available. The new “out of stock” banners are helpful for those of you wanting to grab what pairs we have left, even if seeing that many on the Ashi Dashi page is a bummer.

To help you out, after the jump are a few styles that still have several pairs left (as I'm posting this, if you're reading it a month from now it probably won't hold true!):

Ashi Dashi Emil Kozak Whales
Ashi Dashi Scooter Midcalves
Ashi Dashi Strawberry

Ashi Dashi Notebook Midcalves

We're sorry to be the bringer of sad news, but we wanted to make sure you Ashi Dashi lovers had a heads up as to what's going on with our stock. What was your favourite Ashi Dashi style?