I was going to write about our Vices collection, but it looks like everybody stocked up before making resolutions! So how about some sparkle for the new year? Because for me, sparkle is a vice.

It's too late to suggest socks and accessories for new year parties, but sparkle shouldn't be confined to just beginnings. The shine of a new year, like a treat still in its wrapper, sort of begs for sparkles and shine. But rocking a little glitz can help keep up the hope a year began with into the following months.

I can think of nothing more appropriate than the sparkle of rhinestones to kick off a new year. Silver sparkles dress up basic leggings and little net gloves—because basics don't have to be boring.

Fingerless Fishnet Gloves with Rhinestones
Rhinestone Studded Microfiber Leggings

For leg warmers we have a nice gradient of shimmer, from the delicate stripe of shine, to bold stars, or an all out lurex marl, heavy on the sparkle. You can choose your level of sparkle:

Wide Stripe and Lurex Leg Warmer
Lurex Star Leg Warmer (also available in an awesome pink) •
Lurex Leg Warmer with Pom Pom Tie Top

Thigh highs, tights and more after the jump!

The same goes for thigh highs. From all-out sparkle to the saucy stripes, with a more subtle option for those inclined to keep their shimmer down-key.

Lurex Shimmery Thigh Highs
Lurex Sheer Stripe Thigh Highs with Sparkling Bow
Lurex Nouveau OTKs

There are two styles that are in the Zap collection that we won't be seeing again, but if you're quick you may grab a last pair before they shimmy their shimmer out our door:

Glitter Roses Tights (in Black & Silver) •
Fancy Pants Crochet Knee Highs (in Gold w/Gold Shine) •

I'll round up this list with one of my favourites, the Lurex Zebra Tights. They're great on their own, but they look amazing layered over coloured tights too!

Now, about that Vices collection. Both us and our suppliers were happily overwhelmed this holiday season, but we're stocking back up fast as we can, so even if you've given up your particular fancy for the new year you can still indulge in sock form.  And, as always, you can drop us a line and we'll notify you as soon as the style you're waiting for is back in stock. We do still have a couple of basics in still available:

Beer Knee Highs
Bottle & Pint Midcalves
Whiskey Knee Highs

How do you spend your new year? With sparkle, with a goodbye to a vice, with fun, friends and family? However you do it, we hope to keep your toes cozy into the new year!