This is the season for family. Last week we showed you families of socks, now we'll share our Pacific Northwest family of sock makers.  Maybe it's the rain, or the temperate temperatures that encourage fun socks, but five of the brands we carry originate from right here in the Portland-Metro area.


Though they're based in Tualitan, Dahlgren is close enough to call local—and a dedication to technical socks that focus on outdoorsy activities is completely apropos to the Portland-Metro area.  We have a great outdoors, backpacking and hiking in it is even better with socks that keep us dry and well-supported.

Sno Blossom Knee Socks
Ultra Light Trail Anklet
Expedition Knee Highs

Love Lite

A great style we get delivered to our door, Tie Dye Eric, the man behind Love Lite Tie Dye, takes our made in the USA DreaM and Dreamer socks and spins them into gold.  Or rainbows, to be more accurate.  I know my favourite orders to pull are ones that ask for one of his tie dye styles in “Assorted – We Pick, You Love It!”, not only do I get to try and complement the colours to the rest of the order, but I also get to look  at the latest batch of gorgeous colourways we've received.

Tie Dye Bamboo Crews
Tied Dyed M Squared
Tie Dyed Fingerless Gloves


We blogged about the beauty of the Polonova trouser socks recently, but it bears saying again, we're so lucky to have such wonderful treasures delivered right to our door at Sock Dreams HQ.  We love supporting small, boutique suppliers and if they make beautiful velvet things too, it's icing on a gorgeous cake.

Klimt Spiral Trouser Socks
Velvet Gloves with Vines
Square Spirals Trouser Socks

Rock Socks

Though they split their time between here and Los Angeles, Rock Socks has a distinct west coast wit with a Pacific Northwest spin that we love (and you all clearly love too!).  It can't be coincidence that the Portland Knee Highs match the Beer Knee Highs Green w/White.

Bookworm Knee Highs
Queen Knee Highs
Nerd Knee Highs

Sock It To Me

Just like us, Portland based and started out of a house by a lady who loves socks—we have a special fondness for Sock It To Me and have enjoyed watching their business grow over the years.  I'm particularly excited that they're steadily expanding their larger-footed midcalf options for guys and folks with larger feet who want quirky options to clothe their toes.

Modern Knee Highs
Multi Stripes
Men's Stripes

However you celebrate the winter season and the coming new year, may the family you make and keep around you warm your heart as much as we warm your toes!