I may be one of the most sock-obsessed people I know but I recently realized that my latest (past few years) obsession has been with hand warmers. I wear them every day at this time of year and during most mornings for much of the rest of the year to keep the chill away.
Although I have the option of keeping a pair of everything we sell, I usually don't want most things in every color... except these, and several other warmers. Not that I actually do have any of those in every color but I gladly snagged the latest shade of the Wool Fingerless gloves when I saw them.
The shade previously known as merlot is now purple marled and you can see here just how very different they are, both are beautiful, but definitely not at all the same.

There was some uncertainty as to how we would handle these, nevermind they arrived when we were at our holiday busiest this month... a time when taking pictures of sock-like goodness is hard to accomplish, between being so busy with orders coming in and going out and very limited daylight & presence of mind. But I was able to fit these in and am enjoying their warmth even as I type this.
I idn't find this particular pair to be very itchy, but some of these wool warmers are until they are washed. I usually just use some shampoo and my favorite smelling condition softens them nicely.
Right after New Years we will be adding even more yummy gloves and warmers...
I can hardly wait to get my mitts on them!!!