There's something about baby socks that is unavoidably adorable. They're just so tiny! Especially when you pair them with grown up styles. A couple of our suppliers carry baby socks that match crews and midcalves sized for grownups, others have styles that pair up hilariously. This time of year can be terribly hectic, so let's just sit back, look at the teeny socks and smile.

What about a perfect preppy pairing of argyles for each sized foot in a new family?

Leonardo Argyle Midcalf
Arygle Baby Booties
Carlino Argyle Crew

Need something quirkier? Space dye to the rescue!

Space Dye Terry Shortie
Space Dye Terry Baby Booties
Space Dye Terry Crew

More cozy wool options and a few that will bring a smile to your face after the jump!

Fuzzy stripes in itty-bitty booties and a grown-up crew:

Lexy Wool Boucle Stripes
Katy Striped Wool Baby Socks

Polka dots to perk up the whole family!

Cesare Cashmere Blend Dot Socks
Dottie Baby Polka Dot Baby Socks
Bea Polka Dot Crew
Liza Polka Dot Knee Socks

Three foot size choices in a sedate cashmere blend wooly solid:

Este Luxe Crew
Nuova Baby Ribbed Wool Socks
Gregorio Wool Bootsocks

The Cotton-Lined Knee Highs are popular, but did you know they also come in a knee high for itty-bitty feet and lots of sizes in between? Even teeny feet can have knee highs!

This pairing we blogged about when the baby penguin socks first came in, but it never stops making me giggle (and if you'd rather have matching, there are Happy Penguin Socks for grown up feet!):

Shark Bite 3-D Midcalf
Penguin Baby Socks

What about something a little more 'traditional'?

Mouse Baby Socks
Pretty Kitty 3-D Midcalf

Whew! I could go on forever, it's so fun to do. Have you paired up any of the socks we carry to make little families?