Just what are “bed socks”? Even if you don't wear socks to sleep, cozy bed sock styles can keep your feet warm during the cold winter months.

“Bed sock” is a term used most often to describe an ankle or crew height sock that is thicker and often fuzzy, just the thing for snuggling up under covers or padding around the house. Some styles even have grip treads on the bottom, like slippers, to keep you from slipping on slick floors.

The most obvious bed sock choice are the New Zealand Bed Socks. Thick fuzzy wool lining that doesn't easily mat or felt in the wash or during wear is encased in a sturdy acrylic shell that keeps warmth right where it belongs—on your toes! In classic solids and fun patterns, they're one of the most popular bed sock styles we carry. The grip tread patterns come in three sizes from little feet to big and make great gifts.

New Zealand Bed Socks with Hearts
New Zealand Bed Socks with Grip Tread
New Zealand Bed Socks with Polka Dots

Not all bed socks have it in their name. Some of the styles in our Warm! collection fit the bill of height and coziness. Look for fluffy wool styles, that fun fuzziness is useful because it creates pockets of air that help trap heat. Angora is a great choice, as we've blogged before, it is a partially hollow fiber that does a professional job of trapping heat and regulating temperature (which means you stay warm, but not sweaty!).

Niego Crew Socks
Bunny Angora Shorties
Alpino Merino Mousse Crew

For wool-free options and bed socks that are slumber-party ready, join us after the jump!

Now, what if—like me—you just can't handle wool? Turn to terry lining, those little loops mimic boucle styles that cushion and comfort cold toes. The Space Dyed Terry Crews worn inside out (terry side in!) are my bed sock standby, and they're thin enough that I can just slip a regular knee high over them when I need to leave the house. We don't have a collection for terry lined styles yet, but using “terry” as a search term turns up some great styles. These are some of my favourites:

M Bootsocks
Nouvella Space Dyed Terry Crews
Cronert Slipper Socks

Quirky bed sock and slipper styles are a popular gift for the holiday season for yourself or someone else. Whether they've toes, or animal faces, or pretend shoes there's something to brighten your day and snuggle your toes.

Tubular Pig Socks
Fuzzy Toe Socks
Ruby Slipper Socks

Bed socks! They're short and cozy, sometimes have grippy bottoms and always are great to snuggle your toes into. What's your favourite?