Sometimes a sock is cozy, sometimes a sock is sexy and sometimes a sock is from Polonova and is just straight up gorgeous.

Two years ago a local Portland maker introduced us to her beautiful work and we began carrying it in our brick-and-mortar store, with a sneaky super assorted option online. Six months later we were hooked and had the beginnings of an amazing selection online.

We now carry a multitude of Polonova's gorgeous, hand screenprinted styles. The patterns on the knee highs never line up weird or overlap, the velvet of the gloves and wrist warmers is luxurious and the colours continue to seduce us with their subtle metallics and deep jewel tones.

Polonova Mehndi Trouser Socks
Polonova Velvet Gloves with Vines
Polonova Flower Trouser Socks

If you're looking for a stocking stuffer (even for your own!), the Polonova knee highs are a perfect choice, with their lovely seal and perfect little packaging, they're practically gift wrapped already—all you need to do is add a bow.

After the jump I'll spotlight the latest colourway additions to the Polonova knee highs and discuss screenprinting and stretch.

The Floral Lace Trouser Socks were previously only available in gold, silver and black, printed on sedate colours, but recently Polonova introduced copper printing and jewel toned stockings, turning a lovely basic into a gorgeous must-have.

Now, the Klimt Spiral Trouser Socks were already available in Green Black, but how pretty do they look next to the new Purple Gold and Burgundy Gold?

Classic trouser socks, the Polonova knee highs are thin enough for dress shoes, slightly sheer and tube style, so they fit a wide range of feet (though we've found they work best for women's US shoe size 6-10.5, men's 4-9). They're not printed on the sole, so if you've got big feet, like the men's US shoe size 11.5 below, the design will end up on your heel and they'll only go mid-calf high.

The top cuff is nice and wide, so if they do hit you lower on the leg, they don't “bite” in too much, and they're pretty great at staying put. Their top stretch is about 17.5 inches, with comparative calf stretch.

One concern we've had from folks is how the screenprint stretches. Most of the designs, like the Klimt Spirals (on the left, below) do great when stretched.  The more delicate patterns, like the Dragon Trouser Socks (on the right, below) do get a little warped and cracked looking when stretched out (especially if they're not washed carefully).

What we've found—and it's like with anything, from hair to makeup to whatever—when you look at something on yourself, you're looking close up and all the flaws show. But once you step back that all blurs together and all you can see is straight up perfection.

For yourself or someone else, Polonova trouser socks are the perfect gift, from the growing selection of colours to a foot that fits almost everyone. Have you fallen in love with Polonova like we did, or are they still a stranger you're crushing on?