For some time now we've had our Zap collection, a group of styles that “for one reason or another we aren't likely to see them again”. If you're looking for deals, or for inside information on what items are seasonal and limited in stock, this collection is where to go.

Like I mentioned when writing about Cronert, quite a few of our small and European suppliers work like fashion houses, producing designs for a limited time. Other suppliers gradually retire non-basic styles, or the materials used to produce them become unavailable (a dilemma many marled DreaM Stocking lovers have known!). It's always sad, but there's a fantastic silver lining—when an old style clears out there's always something new to fill its spot!

Even though I understand the logic of it (things can't last forever!), seeing some styles go still breaks my heart. The Four Colour Rugby Stripe Knee High especially is a fun sock that I wish could still be available.

I've got more styles that we're sad to see go after the jump!

I love putting together these little image panels, it's like mini collection curating!  But the subject is solemn, these styles are going away for various reasons.  So the following are kind of in memoriam, so we can remember them even when they're gone.  Some styles still have dozens left and some only have a few pairs, so if you see something you love, now's the time to get it!

Fun pink cotton styles that rock at layering when it gets cold, but have great life throughout the year on their own:

MP Polka Dot Ankle Socks
MP Cotton Striped Tights
Harajuku Color Dot Arm Warmers

At the opposite end of pastels, some basic blacks that work well on their own or with each other:

Harajuku Wildcat Arm Warmers
Glitter Roses Tights
• Super Long Open Crochet Leg Warmers •

I'll finish up with some foxy options in white:

Fishnet Stockings with Vinyl Top
Satin Retro Mini Dress with Garters
Fishnet Pantyhose with Bows on the Backseam

I could do these forever, but I know that by the time this post goes up on Friday some of these styles will already be gone for good.  Have you been able to snag a last pair of a disappearing style?