The day after Thanksgiving is a big day for shopping in the States, with crazy sales as everybody gears up for the holiday season. If you want to avoid the crush, shopping online is definitely the way to go and we've got a couple of pointers for finding deals on our site.

First off, free shipping in the United States! We ship via the United States Postal Service, so First Class shipping with us is free and easy and if you've got a post office box there's no hassle about your package, like with other shipping companies. For more information on our shipping options and policies, check out our Shipping FAQ.

Second, the obvious one—our Sale Collection! This is where we stash our great deals, though you can always spot a sale item by the red, slashed-through old price. A few styles that are on sale now are:

Wild Spotted Wristbands
MP Checkered Pattern Tights
SITM Chat Noir Knee Highs

And last, but not least, our Zap! collection. It's full of styles on their way out, either because they've stopped being produced, or because the materials to produce them are no longer available. Many of the styles in Zap! are at a reduced price, so we can clear them out for new styles.
For more information about the Zap! collection and what styles we're particularly sad to see go, check out this week's Sock Journal.

Remember, we've got gift cards too and if you need more info than you can find in a product's Sizing Tips we're always ready to answer your questions and help you find the right fit for you!