Today is a banner day for fans of a particular series about enterprising young wizards. With the first part of the last Harry Potter film released today (or technically, last night at midnight), what better time to nerd about the Sorcerer Socks?

Even though plain charcoal knee socks, like cuffed O Basics, or black tights would be more accurate (according to the crazy thorough Harry Potter Wiki), they're nowhere near as fun as perfectly coordinating with the colours of your chosen house. We debuted this style in 2006 and their stretchy fit, padded feet and ultimate nerdiness has made them a perennial favourite.

Whether people are picking their pairs based on online tests—and, if any of you also re-take a test like that until you get the answer you want, raise your hand—or based on how brave, cunning, studious, or loyal you are, there's one house colour combo that is clearly the most popular.

After the jump I'll dish how the other houses rank in popularity and offer some other sock styles that are available in your favourite house colours.

It's no surprise the the burgundy and gold of Gryffindor is heads and shoulders more popular, since it's the house of our much-loved main characters. But I was surprised to see that dark green and silver (Slytherin) and dark blue and silver (Ravenclaw) are almost exactly tied.

Considering that one house is full of kind of fantastic bad guys and the other are the super smart kids, it's no surprise. But what about Hufflepuff? I have to admit that the house with the badger mascot is my personal favourite, but I'm one of very few who feel that way. Poor Hufflepuff, the number of folks who want to rock their black and gold is less than half either Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

Now, if the soccer-stripe look isn't your thing, here are some more classically striped options in your favourite house colours.

From left to right:
Super Stripe Knee Highs in Red & Gold
Super Stripes Rayon in Moss & Lichen
Rugby Stripe Knee Highs in Black & Gold

And! For nerds like me who dig book-accurate over film-accurate costume depictions, the original blue & bronze colours of Ravenclaw have a pretty solid option in the Dream Stalker Stripes in Navy & Spice.

If you missed out getting a pair of Sorcerer Socks in time for the release of part one, you have plenty of time to outfit yourself before part two, which will hit theatres July 15, 2011.  Have you dressed up in our socks for any Harry Potter film viewings?  We'd love to see your snaps, you can always post them to our Facebook!