There's nothing quite like finding an amazing pair of socks in a style you love. Cronert always delivers each season with a new scrumptious selection of socks. But unfortunately, some of those styles aren't going to be around forever.

Designed in Germany and made in Italy, with a level of design and quality that is hard to beat, Cronert's basics—like the Cotton Overknee and the Ribbed Wool OTK—are styles that are definite staples and we'll always carry them.  Their cotton blend is amazing and feels as comfy as a t-shirt, while looking way more classy.

They also bring us beautiful designs, like the Diamond Line Over the Knee or the Faux Suspender Tights, that are fantastic additions to any sock collection. One of our favourites this season are the Pinstriped Victoria Over the Knee:

Unfortunately, some of these styles are seasonal. Quite a few of our small and European suppliers work like fashion houses, producing designs for a limited time. It's a tricky business, guessing how many pairs in what colours and sizes to get. And even when we've guessed right, sometimes we can't get as many as we need. This means that if there's a brand new Cronert style that tickles your fancy, it's worth picking them up when you can, because we probably won't be able to restock it.

After the jump I share two of my favourite Cronert styles and let you know the status of a couple seasonal styles that are worth getting while you can.

I particularly love the Ozelot Over the Knees, which I have in Beige (that's them in my user icon up top too!). There are only a handful of pairs left, and I've got to decide if I want to get a pair of the Rust before they're gone for good.

Sometimes we're able to score a good amount of stock and can keep a style available for a long time, like the Centered Big Stripe OTK, which we still have plenty of. But just like the Norway Diamond Over the Knees and the Faux Laced Boots Over the Knees, which only have a few colours and sizes left, when they're gone they'll be gone for good.

That's what happened with what's probably my favourite Cronert style to date (and possibly my favourite style period), the Glencheck OTKs. They're a style we keep trying to get back (and have been doing so for a while, as this post from Niqkita in 2007 proves), but they keep eluding us. I'm particularly bummed right now, because I can't find one of my pair.  You can only see a little of them in this snap I took over the summer, but it's hard to deny the killer combo of blue, electric pink and black.  I hope I find the missing sock soon.

It's tough to fall in love with a sock only to have it break your heart by going away forever, but you can always write us and ask about the status of a style you're longing for. Do you have a favourite Cronert style that isn't available any more?