We clearly love socks here, but some socks we love more than others.  "Dreamers Recommend" highlights the current favorite style of one of our Sock Dreamers.

Dreamer Name: Trina and Brigid

Current favourite style: Harajuku Super Loose Socks (they both agreed on a favourite, and I have to say this is one of my faves too!)

Did you like this sock when we first started carrying it, or did you hate it and grow to love it?

Trina: I was not so sure about these when they first came in. At that point I still associated slouchy socks with some particularly unfortunate outfits I wore in elementary school. But they asked me to model a pair and one I had them on I was sold!

Brigid: I loved them from the very first moment I saw them.  No kidding!  The Olive, Dark Khaki, and Ruby are gorgeous, perfect colors.  They definitely elicit that ‘is it weird that I am SO ridiculously excited about a pair of socks’ feeling from me.  They’re like the perfect hoodie sweatshirt that makes you excited for fall, for coziness on a crisp day, drinking coffee on the front stoop feeling perfectly bundled to enjoy being outside and watching the slanted Fall light that’s soon going to be electrified by cold breath and long walks, cider, and whatever else those unavoidable expectations are that come along with autumn mornings.  It’s just that season change stirs everything up and refreshes our outlook, right? …season change and these socks apparently.  Carried away?  Maybe, but that’s why these are my hands down, all-time favourite socks.

What is the best thing about this particular style?

Trina: These are stupidly, ridiculously soft. So soft you put them on and instantly feel cozy, calm, and the overwhelming desire to be on an overstuffed sofa, with a fireplace crackling away and a cup of coffee or tea, during a storm. They are sort of magic. Oh and look great with tall boots.

Brigid: They’re versatile.  They are surprisingly warm and so can be slouched over clogs for just a bit more warmth on bare legs (see Olive) or layered over wool tights and crammed into winter boots (please refer to the picture of the ruby pair and my favourite snow boots) for super warmth.  I even wore a pair folded down over the top of my rain boots one day and was surprised by how well it worked!

How’s the fit? (shoe size, calf stretch, height, etc.)

Trina: So here’s my specs—Calf is 18-19 inches, 24 inches at 5 inches above my knee and 28 inches around at 10 inches above my knee. I wear a women’s US shoe size 8.5 (Euro 39) and am generally size 16. These fit really terrific. More than enough room for my calves and even go OTK. Because of their loose slouchy design there is no way they will stay there without sock glue or garters or something but I usually wear them under my tall boots anyway so that does the trick. The foot is not bulky at all so these are perfect for my boots which are a little narrow.

Brigid: Perfect.  They fit well on almost anyone’s leg!  They should fit women’s shoe sizes six to ten-ish.  I’m an 81/2 and they fit me perfectly.  The thing to know is that they don’t necessarily stay up well, that’s why I love them though.  They slouch down on themselves when they’re on particularly thin or bare legs but will also sit knee high or over the knee on a wider leg or when layered over tights.  You just have to be okay with (and appreciate!) their perfect slouch.

Who would you recommend this style for?

Trina: I would highly recommend these to anyone who normally has a hard time finding Knee socks and OTK’s large enough to fit them, those who love soft cozy leg wear, for those in love with the aesthetic in Japanese Sewing books...

Brigid: Everyone and anyone!  They’re so easy to love.

Anything else?

Trina: Now I have visions of cozy stormy winter days sipping tea, crisp autumn morning bike rides to the farmers market, and all the new socks I most definitely need to add to my currently overflowing sock drawer…. Well there goes my concentration for work today! I’ll be here if you need me, sitting at my desk all wistful and dreamy and distracted.