Halloween is so close I can almost taste the candy! If you’re still searching for the last key elements of your costume we’ve got a list to help you out.

If you love face paint, you may want to try rocking the La Calavera Catrina look, a classic Dia de los Muertos costume and image. Some face paint, any sort of outfit, and a pair of the Harajuku Long Bones Arm Warmers and the Kawaii Skeleton Over The Knee.

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Rainbow Brite is a total Halloween classic, and her look is easy to emulate using our Rainbow Collection. The most popular options are the Foot Traffic Rainbow OTKs and the Cuffed Rainbow Leg Warmers.

The beautiful costuming by Colleen Atwood for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has inspired many and Sock Dreams knows just what socks and stockings to use for the finishing touch. We’ve even got a whole Wonderland Collection for you to check out!


There’s a great scene in the film when Alice’s aunt chides her on her stockings and I was thrilled that we got a look at the legwear she was rocking under her petticoats.  I couldn’t find any screencaps, but this great shot from the costume exhibition shows us that Alice wears daintily striped black and white knee highs, like the Sheer Striped Ruched Trouser Sock in Black & White:

Red Queen

Thanks to this great promo shot, we’ve known for a while that the best match for the Red Queen’s legwear are the Poker Suit Printed Thigh Highs.

Mad Hatter

Now he’s trickier.  Showing off his socks with his knickerbockers, the Mad Hatter has at least three different pairs of mis-matched socks that he wears!  In the movie posters and promo images your best bet to match the right foot are the Ozone Stripey Midcalf in Navy or Black. For the left foot you just need a bright orange sock, like the Cotton Slouch Sock in Tangerine.

Then there are the socks he wears in the Red Queen's palace, as the Dormouse is trying to remove the leg iron. We haven't found example stills yet, and but this is the only time we see a clear, close look at any of the Hatter's socks.  It's doubtful that they're matching, but the one we do see is simply repeating stripe of red-black-white-black-red.  Similar styles we carry are the Sock Dreams Home Teams in Black & Orange and the Soft & Dreamy Wide & Thin Stripe Knee High in Black Multi.

When the Mad Hatter faces off against the Jabberwocky, he rocks a kilt and two simple (but not matching!) stripes, best approximated by the Over the Knee Rugby Stripes in Navy & Light Blue on the right and the Super Stripe Knee Highs in Charcoal & Grey on the left.

Whew! Lots of socks and lots of costume ideas. I hope this helps in figuring out your costume.
Let us know how they work and we always love to see pictures...
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Photo credits! Catrina Masked, originally uploaded by Green Kozi on Flickr.  1980’s Rainbow Brite from Rainbowbrite.net. Alice in Wonderland costume stills and pictures found on the amazing Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes. The Alice Hall of Doors scene, originally uploaded by FIDM on Flickr.