One question we get asked a lot is “where did you get those shoes?!” Many times we just cannot remember, but here are our favourite resources for that all-important sock accessory.

With so many Dreamers—each with their own shoe collection—and the amazing treasure chest of heels, flats and boots kept on hand at Sock Dreams HQ, we have endless options to mix and match for product shots.  It’s fun to see what shoes strike everybody’s fancy each season.  Right now the most popular query is for “those gorgeous boots in the Codori Burgundy pictures!”  They’re by Miss Mooz, and though I don’t know if that particular style is still made, the Miss Mooz Amelia Button Boot is super close in looks and seems to be available from a lot of different online shoe boutiques, like

Our Miss Mooz boots on the left, Miss Mooz Amelia Button Boot on the right.

At Sock Dreams we love supporting small businesses when we can (since we are one too!) and a great way to do that is through Etsy’s shoe category.  From gorgeous creations made from scratch to amazingly whimsical embellishments, there’s a little something for everyone.  And a couple perfect things for Nikqita, who has picked up some amazing pairs, including these super fun lipstick dots from Hippy of Doom.

As seen in:
Lace Ruffle Anklets with Bow in Black w/White•
Este Luxe Crew Socks in Scarlet •

More of our favourite sources after the jump!

On the opposite end of the scale is Zappos, which is nearly daunting in the sheer scope of selection.  Not that it’s stopped any of us from burrowing into their site and finding styles that win our hearts, like these gorgeous corduroy and leather ankle boots:

As seen in:
Erika Microfiber Tights in Espresso •
Dream Slouches in Black•

We also have a lot of luck looking at thrift stores and consignment shops.  Local options we’ve had a lot of luck at are Redlight, Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill, though it’s always worth it to keep an eye out for the little shops, because you never know what you’ll find.  These button-side beauties were  snagged by Niqkita, who has the most amazing luck finding shoes.

As seen in:
Striped Over the Knee in Pink & White •
Slouch Lace Ankle Socks in Black •

Though the best tip for searching out shoes in thrift stores is perseverance, a good thing to remember when doing any online shoe shopping (besides measuring!) is keywords and search terms. How high is the heel, is it a loafer, or a saddle shoe? Does it lace, does it button? It’s silly, but totally worth it to check out a list of different shoe types.  There are definitely some styles in this Wikipedia list that I did not know existed!

Have you found an amazing source for shoes?  Do you have a favourite sock and shoe combo that you like to rock?