We clearly love socks here, but some socks we love more than others.  "Dreamers Recommend" highlights the current favorite style of one of our Sock Dreamers. Though Danny has gone into the wide world outside Sock Dreams, he still has a favorite sock that he's rocking.

Dreamer name: Danny

Current favourite style: Bamboo Quarter Crew Three Pack

Did you like this sock when we first started carrying it, or did you hate it and grow to love it?

I had my doubts, initially, because these socks looked like a total bore. They were grey and uninspired, content to cower on the shelf wedged between far more interesting and colourful socks. Yet looks can be deceiving, and I was mistaken-- They are simply too comfortable to ignore, and I think they look ok too!

What is the best thing about this particular style?

They satisfyingly hold my foot, and leave them dry whenever I wear them, no matter the activity. Furthermore, I once (circumstantially! It’s not a habit, I swear) wore a pair of these for three days in a row and there was little to no smell once I took them off. That’s incredible!

How’s the fit?

I wear a Men’s 9, and sometimes a 9w, and I’ve found that they’ll “hold” the foot more than other socks, which keeps your feet feeling as though they’re walking on clouds. I’d talk about my calf size, but they don’t go up that high, so let’s not talk about that, ok? Moving on. I will say that they rest comfortably on my ankles, giving me a bit more coverage and support than a footie, but less bulk than a mid-calf or a crew, which I love.

Who would you recommend this style for?

For people who enjoy where utility meets comfort! Also all the left handed people of the world, and people who love tacos and kittens.

Anything else?

I really love tacos and kittens (but not kitten tacos).