One piece of clothing that will always go with socks is our new Sock Dreams Logo T-Shirt, made by Dreamers right here at Sock Dreams Headquarters.  With the wonderful guidance of Perry of The Tiny Spoon, who set up our screenprinting station and gave several of us a lesson in how to use it, we’re now hand screenprinting super soft cotton shirts (made in the USA!) with our lovely-legged logo.

Niqkita took lots of pictures while I took notes and has a great set up on our Facebook, but I wanted to showcase some of my favourites, like our super fancy custom-built workstation:

And Brigid admiring her handiwork (the thing in her hand is a laser thermometer and is as futuristic as you think it is!):

Flaura is now our head screenprinter, of the four of us who tried the process she definitely rocked it the best.  She’s also our in-house queen of t-shirt DIY and in honour of her style, and our new shirts, after the jump is one of the quickest ways to make your tee your own.

The flat knit that t-shirts (and some socks, like our Lemonade Stockings) are made of is one of the most satisfying fabrics to alter.  It's easy to cut, resistant to unravelling and doesn't need to be hemmed.  Remember—always start by cutting less, because you can always cut more, but you can't add back.

If the classic crew neck isn't something that you find comfortable or flattering, it's the easiest thing to change.  Cutting carefully just inside the seam that joins the ribbing to the neckline gives you a subtle (and more comfortable) scoop neck.

If you're feeling more daring, with one snip (remember! cut less at first) you can rock an always flattering v-neck.

Getting the neckline how you like it is just the beginning.  For more—and more awesome—t-shirt DIY check out the T-Shirt Surgery Livejournal Group, a great one-stop source for t-shirt alteration ideas, discussion and tutorials.

If you get one of our shirts, tell us how you rock it (and with what socks)!